Can't We All Just Get Along: The Psychology of Fanboyism

Look at any blog entry or message board post nowadays about, say, a new Microsoft product, and the responses always follow a fairly predictable pattern.

Let's face it, even the staunchest advocates among us can grudgingly agree that all the major game systems are great consoles. It's a wonderful time for the industry, and the stiff competition is driving some pretty innovative and compelling stuff. But as long as there are choices, the 90% of us living from paycheck to paycheck will always be faced with a difficult purchasing decision, and fanboys will converge on the Internet like ants to a gumdrop.

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ASSASSYN 36o4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

I am an Air Force medically discharged veteran. I make enough money to pay for a dodge charger r/t, tuition to my university, and an apartment. I don`t and can`t legally work because of my service inccured disability. When I purchase games I pay in full without trade-ins. I buy to keep. Yet, I still only play xbox 360 and I don`t want the ps3 or wii. Everything I own dealing with gaming is microsoft related. I am very happy with my choice. I represent the great 10%. Despite my stable tax free income I can`t stand the thought of purchasing a ps3 and I am too old to wii. Everything I want is on Xbox nothing I want is on ps3 and the wii. So why put money on them. why make fun of those who do because they don`t think the way I do. Here is one reason. Ps3 players for example can`t wait to play oblivian while I played just yesterday for 5 hours. GRAW 2, Splinter cell,and rainbow 6. All coming or on the PS3 yet I play Thats funny you wait I play. I see a trend developing for ps3 players. If it all is about games why do you wait? PLAY. MESSAGE!

wildcat4255d ago

You can't always get things now, now, now. Sometimes it's just the way it goes, MS launched a year early so you're bound to get those games first but after this year, expect all multi-platform games to launch within the same month. What gets me is not when people dislike a system, it's when they continuously make an effort to put it down.

XxZxX4255d ago

Can't, It's part of our human nature :To feel superior than the rest. It started young with my dad can beat your dad than eventually progress to my religion is better, my race is better, our country is better. Fanboyism is also part of it. Human just don't get along. PERIOD.

Funky Town_TX4255d ago

Cowboys VS Redskins. Sony VS M$. It will never stop. I could care less about those corp. big wiggs. Those guys are billionaires all day everyday. We debate for them and get $0 from them. We are being pimped by those guys. Free advertising is what we give them. I say I will not promote Sony or M$ anymore until I get a check from them for .001% of earnings. As far as I'm concerned just give me the games keep that PR crap away from me.

TylerDurden4255d ago

Why is it that some gamers self esteem is tied to the success or failure of a console? 99% of us aint getting paid by MS, Sony, or Nintendo or even have a gaming related income. Even in the religious battle of Windows vs Linux vs Mac most of the people are in that industry and therefore make money based off which technology they support/choose.

Seriously I prefer the Xbox(although not all my reasons are unbiased) but as a gamer I feel I would be missing out on great titles such as GOW or MGS, so I don't hate on Sony. I just got a PS3 so I can enjoy those games and pick up other games(RFOM and Motorstorm) that wouldn't have enticed me to buy the system but they are good games and I am glad I got em. Same goes for the Sony only crowd. You guys have missed out on some great games(Gears, Halo, Ninja Gaiden).

I understand not all can afford both and for those you have two options:
1) Stop crying about it as your system of choice has some good games
2) Stop spending so much time on the internet making stupid argument, instead work a couple of hours of OT and buy the other system.

marionz4255d ago

what i dont understand is why people put others down for having their own opinion, i like xbox, im not hateing ps3, but ive had my share of sony products and i dont want to support them anymore.

now my problem is....
if you dont agree with my veiw i respect that, everyone is intitled to see things different, if you like sony or nintendo ill read your view and respect that as your choice, but on this site some people instantly take a bubble because you say you support a console that they dont and try to shut you up, thats totally not fair hell take a bubble if im offencive in the way of calling names or being stupid and putting people down
but i dont so dont shut me up for having an opinion, there will allways be fanboys and thats fine, theres fans of sport and so on but when it gets to the point when you hate other peoples veiw and directly put them down and spam them for it because you dont agree with them, maybe thats going a bit far

ALIEN4255d ago

This is stupid, as gamers we have to stop this [email protected]#$, if u like 360 or ps3 ok fine, if ur not agree CLICK ON DESAGREE if ur agree then CLICK ON AGREE, u dont have to call some body stupid or something. I always try to be nice to everybody on this site, but sometime people get mad at me just because they are not agree with me, and that's not right.

So, we have to share our opinions, and stop fighting.

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