CNET's Top 20 must-have Blu-ray Discs

A few years ago we used to do a feature highlighting some of the top DVDs that made your home theater really look and sound like one. Well, with Blu-ray in full swing, we thought it high time to come up with a similar roundup of our favorite Blu-ray Discs that will help show off your home theater in all its glory.

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ThatArtGuy5555d ago (Edited 5555d ago )

CNet proclaimed that Blu-Ray was a dead format.


FlameBaitGod5555d ago (Edited 5555d ago )

Dark Knight #1
They first talk bad about BD but when they see its popularity rising everyday they change ? Im pretty sure CNN wont release any good news about the PS3 since they made the article PS3 is a sinking ship and they have been eating their words ever since.

Ldubbz5555d ago

I think you guys seriously misunderstand CNET. You're referring to the op-ed pieces about the future of DL's vs Blu-Ray, etc. But CNET as a site never came out and "bashed" Blu-Ray.

CNET is the biggest, most-respected electronic site out there, with a multitude of editors and writers, each with their own thoughts on things. Which is why its a great site. But just because you see one opinion on CNET about something doesnt mean the whole site feels that way.

And even then, no one from CNET ever bashed the quality of Blu-Ray per se, but rather question what its current and future position in the market is. Which they should since thats what they do. And no, like some people say, they are NOT owned my MS, they are owned by Viacom, one of the biggest media corporations in existence. And they wouldn't always rate Mac OS X higher than Windows either ;)

Sangria5555d ago

Pulp Fiction's BR just released in France, shall i proceed, or is it like Matrix, a crappy port with low-cost menus and grainy picture?
300 is really nice in BR too. I just wish their would be more anime BluRay. I'm waiting for some Ghost in the Shell and Akira, for now there is only Paprika (which is great too).

If only i had money i would spend so much on BluRay. I have several generations of cinematography missing.

kornbeaner5555d ago

I believe amazon has a listing for Akira on BR. But not sure??

I live in the US so it could be different depending where you live.

If not Amazon not sure, but I swear I saw a listing for it somewhere

Sangria5555d ago

Yes, it is on Amazon US but not Amazon FR :(

manwich255554d ago

I am still waiting for a BR copy of Heavy Metal

Ldubbz5555d ago

they have Baraka right at the top. I have seen it on DVD before, but never on BR. The film was shot on super-high rez cameras, and then originally digitized at 8K (1080p is 2K, and 35mm film is roughly 4K, just to give an idea).

From what I hear its second-to-none for picture quality. I just ordered it on Amazon for only $16.49 new.

I definitely want to find that Police concert disc too.

Aclay5555d ago

I have several of the the movies listed on this list on Blu-ray, but many of them of them are Blu-ray's that I've always been planning on buying in the near future like Wall-E, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Black Hawk Down.

I already have Transformers on Standard DVD, but I've always planned on buying it again on Blu-ray.

One movie that greatly anticipating coming out on Blu-ray is HEAT... that film is a classic and just one of the few movies with Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino together.

I've never heard of "Baraka" before, but I'll give it a shot.

Ldubbz5555d ago

One of the best movies ever, definitely.

Baraka is amazing...its not a movie though, at least in the normal sense. Its a mash-up of footage captured from around the globe, no narration, just giving u a real sense of the huge world we all live in. Its all masterfully shot, and looks incredible.

There's a few other similar films as well...Koyaanisqatsi (yes, thats how its spelled...lol) and Chronos are also by the same people. Chronos is also on BR.

If that sounds like something that might interest you, you will definitely enjoy it. Just google it and you will see its many praises.

SonyRulz5555d ago (Edited 5555d ago )

...and I don't even own a BR player...and got them for free to boot. Blu-Ray disc rips via Graboid FTW! :)

Ldubbz5555d ago

would u care to elaborate further? You can PM if you would rather not have your pirate exlpoits broadcasted....

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