Liberty City landmarks: GTA IV vs Chinatown Wars

GamesRadar writes:

"In bringing Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars to the DS, its developers faced a seemingly impossible task: take GTA IV's Liberty City, one of the biggest, most detailed virtual worlds ever created, and squeeze it onto the least powerful handheld on the market. In the end, a few corners were cut (the biggest being the entire island of Alderney), but overall Chinatown Wars does an excellent job recreating the streets and landmarks that made Liberty so much fun to explore.

To find out just how complete Chinatown Wars' scale model of GTA IV's model city is, we trucked around to notable points in GTA IV, found the corresponding spots on the map in Chinatown Wars and recorded what we found there. It turns out CTW's Liberty has barely been scaled back at all, and while the blown-up screens below don't quite do the game justice, they should give you an idea of the incredible attention to detail that went into the game."

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