Mass Effect - Skill Tree Interview

In this video, the difficulties of working with digital actors are shown to the next-generation of gamers and developers.

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Says you4620d ago

I wouldn't be suprise if a 360 fan didn't look at it carefully
and thinking thats the actual hardware coming from the 360 when clearly
its not its the same thing with BioShock and Too Human and Gears of War
which the gamers gets fooled to think thats the actual graphics coming
from the 360 and they say thats the true power of the 360 I dont think

and plus you can delete another one of my bubbles but that goe's to
show you just dont want to hear the real truth of what I've been typing down considering you know it to be true that 4 of the 360 games are using Unreal Engine 3 when we all know that PS3 can do that to with Unreal Engine 3 but alot of the gamers are just to busy being hyped up on the graphics and very little at the game play they just forgot what they were really hyped for the game play unlike Gears of War it was the same thing and every body got caught up to it and didn't even realize how crapy the game play is in Gears of War.

uuuunvnv24620d ago

all im going to say is you have no F**KING clue what you are talking about.

Optimus Prime4620d ago

the dumbest person on this site. i bet you havent even played gears of war. so quit talking, your speaking nothing but bull sh*t

THAMMER14620d ago

You act like developers using the unreal engine is a problem. It is turing out to make some great looking games. Your a walking misinformation BOMB. I bet you have a small circle of people who come to you for info on games and you pump them up with you bias opinions of the truth.

I wonder which old member of this site you are. There has been so many non gamers on this site like you who have changed there avastars and screen names to hide from the lies they spread it is not funny.

It's the raid for the roach.

uuuunvnv24620d ago

isnt this game only on 360???

Says you4620d ago

It may be the journalist that got it wrong thinking its multi.

Says you4620d ago

Considering I actually do know what I'm talking about and your
just an extreme dumbass that doesn't so why dont you get your head
out of your d1ck and will be our mary way.

IPlayGames4620d ago

Everybody wonders why i say GOW is a so so game. i'll admit its the best looking game out there now but not the best. Anyway back to the topic I cant wait for Mass Effect the xbox is collecting some serious dust waiting for this but once its out i be leave the PS3 will be taking the role of dust collector.

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The story is too old to be commented.