A back look at 5 fan-designed PSPs and what the designs tell Sony

Gamertell has posted an article that looks back at several fake redesigns of the Sony PSP handheld system, drawing inferences from the fan's creations.

A couple are cell phone variations, one includes a flexible pull-up screen, another looks a lot like a Sidekick and one has a flip-up screen the reveals a PS2/PS3-style controller.

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BrunoM3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

All are good looking ( dont like the sidekick look one ... and the 2 screens flip one .. )

but we all know what ever sony goes with it will be as high tech as anything we see out there right now .. thats something we al know about sony (not even a fan boy can say no) is that they ALWAYS push tech to as far as they can ...

so what ever the psp2 ends up looking like it will be nice and something jaw dropping just like the ps2 and psp1 and ps3 it will be a first day buy for me !!

Tsar4ever013487d ago

I like the BLUZPSP design the best. Hope Sony choose this design.

nurdeens3487d ago

I like the Samuel Lau’s Sidekick one

No FanS Land3487d ago

I really like the first and last model. However only the first one would be actually possible. But yeah, Oled should be in the next system.

FPShooter3487d ago

I like the Pual tobeck.

Microsoft Xbox 3603487d ago

I don't mind having the older style PSP with TWO analog sticks but with better sticks.

A clam shell designed PSP2 would be nice though, but I don't know how that would work with the joysticks.

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