Bungie Says Halo 3 Graphics Aren't There Yet

Even EGM admitted Halo 3 didn't exactly blow their minds visually in their cover story, but Bungie's remained adamant that gamers shouldn't judge what they've seen, especially in terms of what they'll find in the more focused campaign mode. While everyone patiently waits to see Bungie live up to their word, community manager Frank O'Connor continues teases us with a hands-on experience with a more complete stage:

"Lit, shader effects, proper detail, atmospherics, audio, everything. The exteriors still needed some polish, but sweet crimeny Christmas. It looked amazing. Last week I talked about how we were adding all this hyper realistic stuff, while still trying to keep it true to the look and feel of Halo. The evolution of those ideas is that some of the test screenshots we took for an internal presentation, looked exactly like their concept paintings. Not just in terms of scale or detail, but the actual color palette. It's rich and vivid and full of life.

As a matter of fact, we ran the screens back to back with concept paintings, and sometimes you had to blink to distinguish. Don't get me wrong, the graphics have a painterly quality, sure, but this is more to do with the impression [his emphasis] they leave you than the details. A game's a game's a game. We're not going cel shaded or oil painting-y."

But, even Frankie admits there's still optimization to be done with the game, and that's probably part of the reason the single-player remains under wraps. Considering Sony's already aligned Killzone as their defacto unveiling at E3 in July, it's expected that Microsoft and Bungie will have all guns blazing then, too.

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Drew4622d ago

"Bungie Says Halo 3 Graphics Aren't There Yet" or "Bungie Says Halo 3 Graphics are Coming Together"?

Way to spin in a negative fashion. Really. Does stuff like this even get checked before it's validated?

OldSchoolGamer4622d ago

that in a game that hasn't even entered the beta, much less the delta, much less been released, graphics have some ways to go, especially since Bungie takes the playability first, graphics second approach.

FordGTGuy4622d ago (Edited 4622d ago )

*Shadow Run
*Forza Motorsport 2
*Halo 3

I wish other 3rd party developers would go by this to because it seems to offer a better overall game in the end.

InMyOpinion4622d ago

I personally think Forza 2 will look better in the final version than what we've seen in trailers etc.

combatant4621d ago

i know that you say that gameplay is very important. and i agree with you, its just, i want my mouth to water when i see the graphics. if it isn't as good as gears of war, or better, ill be disapointed.

eques judicii4622d ago

Bungie spent a lot of time balancing weapons and testing server connections and the matchmaking prior to getting around to the graphics. I'm guessing that that part is just about done and now they are gearing up for the public beta.

gogators4622d ago

placing playability first. Halo 2 looked great during it's time, but it also played great too. I hope it gets a release this September.

Bill Nye4622d ago

I really don't expect Halo 3's graphics to be flashy or stylized or anything like, say, Gears of War. Just as they've said, I expect a very clean, sharp look that won't necessarily stun people but will certainly look very crisp.

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The story is too old to be commented.