New iPhone Flip: First Images Revealed

It seems that apple may have more in store for the next generation of iPhone than merely a storage capacity increase or camera censor upgrade. Images leaked on Wednesday, reveal that a new form factor may be in the works. Rumored to sport a flexible OLED touch screen, and an all new FLIP form factor, Apple's flagship product may do the impossible... become even more attractive to consumers.

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Fishy Fingers3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Close encounters... of the blurred kind.

April 2nd is under rated as a day...

BrunoM3513d ago

I must agree with you post 1.0

but if you look at the big picture these is the ONE day that the people that post here on N4G can come out after and say haha we were joking because if u look at it april 1st is a normal day here for us because we get BULL SH!T news every day of the year lies 24/7 made up numbers and fan boy SH!t experts analysis and soo on so april 1st here is like any other day ....

(N4G is becoming a sad place....)

Vip3r3513d ago

"April 2nd is under rated as a day..."

Bubbles for that.


Lifendz3513d ago

the fake news is really out of control.

WhittO3513d ago

NONE of these "April fools" articles are funny, or clever, especially when its like the 2nd of april !

Mindboggle3513d ago

Well its still 1st where I am, and considering US is around 8 hours behind its still the 1st for them aswell.

Liamabob3513d ago

Last year's was better.
IGN put a lot of effort into that Zelda movie trailer :P

joydestroy3513d ago

yeah, we've got another 7hrs or so here on the east coast of the states.

resistance1003513d ago

Its still April 1st here in the UK, So for the vast majority its Still April fools day.

I take it Witto must be Swedish or eastern european.

WhittO3513d ago

lol ok then, for here (the UK) its April 1st for another hour.

Its just annoying, like every article is fake, really they shouldnt be aloud, since its totally false news ! ( different from rumours since we know they are fake )

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Tykis3513d ago

Is this a joke? Cause i'm kinda confused...

mirroredderorrim3513d ago

Best to come back after the smoke clears. N4G is bad as it is, but come April fools, N4G shows us what it's like on steroids.

BrunoM3513d ago

lol yep thats what i was saying on post 1.1 ... a sad place indeed ...