Famitsu reportedly lists Final Fantasy VII under its PS3 section in its next issue. found a picture of the table of contents for Famitsu's next issue, which lists Final Fantasy VII under the PS3 section. reports that Yoichi Wada, president of Square Enix, cites poor worldwide sales of its recent titles as a reason for Square Enix's decision to go forward with a FF VII remake for PS3. The alleged reason is that Square Enix felt it needed a sure fire project that would perform well in every region, and FF VII would be such a project with mass appeal. claims to have contacted Square Enix for an official comment, but no comment has been reported thus far.

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TheHater3490d ago

As for the Final Fantasy VII on the PS3 section. Maybe it just Advent Children Complete Blu-ray

happyface3490d ago

april fools

square isn't going to blow money on a ps3 exclusive this entire gen

cayal3490d ago

Yeah...if they hate money they wouldn't.

Jager3490d ago

Happyface, the only thing square has wasted time with is the 360 this gen, time for them to focus back to their FANBASE.

happyface3490d ago

it just comes down to the simple fact that ps3 owners dont buy enough games, so its not worthwhile

killzone cost 60 mil and its selling about like crappy Rainbow Six Vegas 2

3rd party ps3 exclusives aren't financially viable

Wizeguy213490d ago

These April fools jokes are hitting to close to home!!

Ima start punching people soon!

heroicjanitor3490d ago

It seems to be written with n4g in mind, given the way he claims Square Enix reasoned it, and Square Enix wouldn't come out saying that because it sounds like they know where their fanbase is and were purposely ignoring it.

iamtehpwn3490d ago

F**k with FFVII fans day

Sangria3490d ago

If it's an April Fool, it's at least more credible than the last FFVII April Fool today.

icup23490d ago

"3rd party ps3 exclusives aren't financially viable"

MGS 4 RETARD !!!!!!!!

s8anicslayer3490d ago

I saw in another post before that a FFVII remake was coming to the ps3! But no game co. is going to blow monew on any console excusive unless the Haedware manufacturer is willing to pay the price! so to happyface keep your fanboy comments to yourself!

lordgodalming3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Of course this is April Fools. I want it to be true as much as the rest of you, but I've resigned myself to the fact that it ain't happening. That way, if it ever DOES happen for real, I can pee myself with joy.

Edit: after staring very hard at that picture, the listing for FFVII is there in Japanese (ファイナルファンタジVII), but that one item in the list is a lot fuzzier than the others. However, you have to give the fakers credit for choosing page 66, which seems to have nothing else around it. This is garbage and I desperately wish it were true.

Baka-akaB3490d ago

wth are you talking about happyface ? Jrpg got yet to sell well or that well on 360 ...
And they quite do on ps3 so far . Lately even a game we all expected to fail , Demon souls , exceeded any expectation in both quality of the title , and sales figures , and keeps selling .
S04 so far isnt really doing better than Level 5's new ip White knight chronicles .

Sure the limited japanese fanbase of the 360 is to blame , but the fault lies with square's choice that turned a usually million selling franchise into the current performance .

And now , though i know it's probably an april fool's thing , you expect us to believe FF7 , the messiah of the entire genre (to my dissmay since i find it very good , but not the ultimate thing ) wouldnt sell like hotcakes ?

The Lazy One3490d ago

You think nobody with a 360 is an FF fan?

TheTwelve3490d ago

Ach...the pain of such jokes...


brycespitler3490d ago

give me a link that said killzone 2 cost 60 million to make

you my friend are a complete idiot.

a very dumb idiot

Danja3490d ago

Of Course there are 360 FF fans , but how many ppl bought there PS3 in mind to play FF13 .... ???

SullyDrake3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Notice the line before the page number is shorter than the rest, there is a slight blur distortion on the page number and the VII, and the font spelling Final Fantasy in Japanese is distinctively different than the rest of the fonts.

The Lazy One3489d ago

Apparently a lot of dumb people. Why would you buy a console for a game that isn't even announced yet being made by a third party studio that has a history of switching platforms with the same series?

raztad3489d ago

This is clearly an april fool joke, but whoever is thinking FFVII wont be a PS3 exclusive, I have only one thing to say you are WRONG! Havent you notice that EVERYTHING FFVII is Sony related someway? SE has made remakes of all other FF titles on the DS, Wii, but FFVII is ONLY on the PS brand. Im not sure why. Maybe Sony indeed has some rights over FFVII IP? or it's just Nomura being such a Sony lover that doesnt want to see FFVII outside Sony consoles. Either way I find highly unlikely FFVII<attach string> to appear on the xbox360, I guess we need to wait till FFXII versus is complete.

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PirateThom3490d ago

2Ch more or less confirms it is a fraud. :P

Marceles3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

yeah it's fake, i can tell by the font. The characters used to spell FF7 are more crammed in and longer than the others.

No FanS Land3489d ago

sorry but japanese depending on the word can be more spaced. Just google translate "final Fantasy" and you'll get the same kanji as the scan. So if it's an april fool, then it's way more credible.

lordgodalming3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )


No need to be testy, and besides 2.1 is right. The font is different--blurrier--than the other entries. Besides, if you really want to get snotty about the Japanese, the FFVII text is written in Katakana, not Kanji.

For the record, I totally want this to be true, just like you do. Here's hoping.

cloud 2793490d ago

Most likely an April Fools Joke nothing else. SE will not announce or release FF VII until its losing a lot of sales until then SE will not FF VII remake.

solidjun53490d ago

AS much as I would love to see this happen. :'(

FunkyBunch3489d ago

While the article is fake, the actual part about Famitsu running a story on FF VII is not.

The front page of the next Famitsu has the title:

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete on the front page.
フィナルファンタジ VII アドベントチルドレン

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