Syberia 3 To Be Cross-Platform Playable Between PC/PS3

Blend Games writes: "Seems like a good idea, right? Cross-platforming between two game platforms? Well, Microids obviously thinks so, which is why they're implementing the feature into their upcoming point-and-click adventure game, Syberia 3."

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Trollimite3514d ago

pc and ps3 is a multiplatplat form now. when its a game like l4d or gears 1 its 360 exclusive. the title is misleading and the article is even worse.

double standards like a motherfuccker

callahan093514d ago

It's CROSS-PLATFORM, not MULTI-PLATFORM. Technically it's both, but there is a distinction. The cross-platform nature of the title means that people who own it for the PC and the PS3 can play together online. That is unusual. For instance, I own Unreal Tournament III for the PS3. I cannot play online with people who have the PC or the 360 version. PC owners can play with PC owners, 360 with 360, PS3 with PS3. With Syberia 3, they're making it possible for cross-platform gameplay, so that if I buy it on PS3, I can play it with my friend who might buy it for the PC.

Major_Tom3514d ago

It's not a double standard, some special members just insist that exclusives are exclusive to PC and Xbox 360 but you can just giggle inside knowing that they can't comprehend the meaning of the word.

Microsoft doesn't own the PC and they don't get money for PC games.
Those games really aren't exclusive when you can find them somewhere else just like this game, you can find it on the PS3 but if you don't have one you can play it on PC.

Isis063514d ago

UT3 on PS3 was supposed to have the same feature.

I would not want to face those mouses/keyboards with analogs.