OXM: Fight Night Round 4 Preview

OXM writes:

"We didn't know there were this many ways to improve one of our favorite games. But a new development team based out of EA's Vancouver studio is, thankfully, not phoning in a save-as sequel to the Xbox 360's best boxing game, and our first look at Fight Night Round 4 surprised us in all the right ways.

"Fight Night Round 3 was a great game," begins Brian Hayes, gameplay producer at EA Canada, "but it benefited from being the first game on next-gen [consoles] that seemed next-gen. We know there's a lot of pressure and a lot of high expectations [for the sequel], but we don't have that benefit." To live up to that, he continues, the Round 4 team is focusing on more authentic boxing. For instance, your boxer "isn't dancing as he enters the ring, and [the] Burger King is not walking him out," grins Hayes."

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