Steve Wiebe Will Attempt to Break the Kong Record Live on G4 at E3

Slashgamer Writes: Over the last few years, Mitchell and Wiebe would go back and forth of who would hold the record, even after the movie is released. Ultimately, Mitchell would hold the record for quite sometime now. Now, in a press release from G4, Steve Wiebe will once again try to reclaim the world record at this year's E3."

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MonkeyMan3487d ago

as a fan of the movie, i am excited to watch this happen.

soxfan20053487d ago

I hope they broadcast the whole attempt at the record - I'd love to see Wiebe in action. My personal high score is around 280,000, and there is so much randomness in the game that I often wonder how these guys get such high scores.

fatstarr3487d ago

one of the best videogame movies of its type

potential "donkey kong kill screen" when that guy says it

makes my day everyday

smh hes such a hater

but goodluck to him he did it like 2.5 times b4 so he can do it again

2FootYard3487d ago

I really liked A Fist Full of Quarters. All the sleaze balls in it were hilarious.

Polluted3487d ago

I couldn't really care less who holds the record (although Weibe seems like a nice fellow) so long as someone takes the crown away from that douchebag Billy Mitchell. Man I hate that friggin' guy.

Avenged Sevenfold3487d ago

Wiebe really seems down to earth, Mitchell is just a hairy bastard.

MaximusPaynicus3487d ago

...deserves a pat on the back and a cold beer.

Good luck to Steve Wiebe.

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