Gaming Age: Docomodake BOING! Review

Gaming Age writes: "Still, there's not a whole lot to the game, and without some challenging puzzles, it's only something I can see appealing to gamers that feel like they need to hit that 100% completion mark. Otherwise, you'll blow thru the main game in a few hours of time, and you'll be left with not much to do after that. There's nothing in the way of boss fights or any remarkable encounters, and while some of the level designs are pretty well thought out, and definitely make good use of the mechanics, there's nothing here that stands out as exceptional. It's a decent way to waste time for a few hours, but nothing I can see myself going back to again and again. Still, it is only $20 or so, which is about the right price for the content. If you enjoy a bit of puzzle mixed into your platformers, then this is probably going to be right up your alley, otherwise, you might not see the appeal in it".

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