(April Fools) Final Fantasy XIV To Feature Transvestite Protagonists

Square Enix today announced that Final Fantasy XIV has gone into pre-production. From the announcement: "In the past PlayStation and RPG fans indicated confusion at what gender the protagonists belonged to, that is why we suggested they implement transvestite leads and that will be the main attraction."

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Alcon3491d ago

Aren't nearly all JRPGs doing that allready????

lolol1233491d ago

About time for what? All their games after FF7 have been full of cross dressers and homosexuals. This isn't much of an April Fool's since it's already been happening for years.

SprSynJn3491d ago

Just because they aren't wearing their shabby shorts down to their knees with tank tops to "not" match and sandals straight out of the garbage bin doesn't mean they are cross dressers. The Japanese have fashion, something Americans have long said goodbye to. You need to learn about other cultures before you spout off that mouth.

3491d ago
Flipgeneral3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Could not agree with you more...
I remember Cloud from FFVII looking all cool and cartoon like. Now if you decide to watch the AC PS3 trailer you will see they decided to make him look sexually ambiguous. He looks like a bulimic male model!

Guess the Japs appreciate (get boners from) pretty guys more than Westerners!

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KionicWarlord2223491d ago

lol... . We really support the creative vision and help them to achieve it. Something unique like that must be easier to come out of our group, then perhaps with other publishers. wow.just wow.

TheTimeDoctor3491d ago

thats not new to final fantasy games.

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