Atari Announces New Console

In this Binge Gamer Exclusive, Atari announces their return to the console race, presenting gamers with the first system of the 8th generation--the Atari 15600.

Screenshots, system specs, and anticipated launch titles are also mentioned.

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Pennywise3485d ago

Comical, but come on!!! 4/1 cant end fast enough.

WhittO3485d ago

wow, that article was so funny and really worth posting as news, honest !

s8anicslayer3485d ago

hallarious! but a return to the console market for atari would be cool! Americans would have an even stronger hold in the game industry with the likes of microsoft!

IcarusOne3485d ago

I will stand in line for a week to get my meaty digits on this piece of bada$$. With or without games. I just want it sitting next to my 52" Aquos, right between my 360 and my PS3. Like a referee during a hockey game, holding the sluggers apart.

Atari, I heart you. If only the console had a fleshy automated orifice that I could physicalize my affection with. Now THAT'S next gen.

Montrealien3485d ago

That reminds me of an old EGM that had the intellivision 2000 announcement as an arpils fools joke.

rockleex3485d ago

You'll be playing as 1/4th of an orange instead of the regular Pacman.

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TheColbertinator3485d ago

Yay Atari is returning.Sorry losers.HD gaming is exclusive to the Atari 15600 ^__^

ViceKingz3485d ago

lol....if sega said they were making a new console you'd probably explode =)

PotNoodle3485d ago

Many people would ViceKingz :p

MaximusPaynicus3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

364 days out of the year people say that gamers need to calm down and relax a bit. On the one day where it's acceptable to be calm, everyone wants "serious business".

creeping judas3485d ago

what's next, you cant be happy at xmas time??

BigKev453485d ago

Ok, this April Fools thing is getting out of hand.

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The story is too old to be commented.