Daily Joypad: Halo Wars Review

As most gamers know, Halo is a real money making Juggernaut for Microsoft. With that in mind it would of been easy to churn out any bit of rubbish and cash in on the success of the brand. Alternatively, it would of also been an easy option to use a more creative direction and change a lot of what Halo players have become familiar with.

Ensemble and Microsoft have certainly not taken the easy way out, Halo Wars is one of the first games Daily Joypad has known to totally change the genre of a brand and not only get away with it but have expanded and built upon it. If you're a fan of Halo, no matter how much, you will love Halo Wars. Halo Wars is an exhilarating history lesson of the Halo universe, an essential purchase for fans, and online RTS players.

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