GRAW 2, Xbox 360 Reclaim Gamefly Top 10 Dominance!

Battle of the Sequels!!!

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 kicks God of War II out of the Gamefly Top spot! The Xbox 360 is reclaiming lost ground as 9 out of 10 of the spots are Xbox 360 titles. Tiger Woods takes the top spot for the Nintendo Wii, while Motorstorm takes the pole position for the PlayStation 3.

Queue up the complete Gamefly Top 10 most requested list:

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HandShandy4255d ago

More cheesy Tom Clancy Games. Oh please.

That whole site reeks of Xbox fanatisism, I wouldn't take anything on there to be gospel truth or reflection of what most people think.

FordGTGuy4255d ago

just beat God of War II in rentals.

achira4255d ago

very true handshandy. i have the feeling the news are random bs.

Grown Folks Talk4255d ago

the conspiracy continues. now microsoft wants us to believe that people actually rent their games through this service. that's ridiculous. i wish microsoft would just admit that they killed kennedy and tell us where hoffa's body is.

likeaboss3024255d ago

As a former PS3 owner I hope you all are able to enjoy some GRAW 2 action soon enough. Hopefully it will run smooth and take full advantage of the PS3. It's a great game and should be enjoyed by as many as possible.

HandShandy4255d ago

...and the point of the comment was?

likeaboss3024255d ago

My point was that soon enough you and the rest of the PS3 fan boy club will be able to enjoy the game as well. The Ghost Recon series has been pretty good so far so why knock them. At the rate the PS3 is loosing exclusive games you should take all the good multiplatform ones you can get.

Contra264255d ago

sonyfan boys are still pissed they lost DMC as an exclusive

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