Miyamoto Plans To Make Wii A 'Household Tool'

Shigeru Miyamoto has spoken out on how Nintendo plans to sustain the Wii's momentum by making the console part of household everyday life.

Addressing concerns over the Wii's longevity, Miyamoto conceded that "it depends on the software we create to make it appealing," adding that "it is a question of how long [a game] will hold their attention." Miyamoto also offered that another way to sustain the Wii's momentum is "to turn it into that tool."

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PS360WII4233d ago

Before closing any sale with a relator the last question should be "Does the house come with a Wii?" the answer should always be yes before you buy ^.-

I kid! It's good to see that they are trying to make some new things though.

hfaze4233d ago

Well... so much for Nintendo producing purely gaming consoles... Ohwell, best of luck to them!

r10004233d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

^^^ LOL ^^^ good one....

Yea here's nintendo down fall... their system will do other things then play games....

Oh man only one system remains... the 360 is the only one that "ONLY" play games...

What will happen now...

PS360WII4233d ago

360 plays DVD and HD DVD, rents movies to you along with tv shows and connects to your PC for music and movies. Hardly a gaming only console. But that's why we love all three of these consoles because they aren't meant just for gaming ^^

r10004232d ago

I know dude... i was trying to be sarcastic ;)

That was a shot at the 360 owners who seem to think that because the ps3 does more than just play games, that that is a bad thing....

ChickeyCantor4233d ago

i dont think he was for real, i think he was being sarcastic .......

D R Fz4232d ago

not sure if that was a sexual comment but ok. lol. I believe you.

Marriot VP4232d ago

what miss's wouldn't like an extra Wii lying around the house.

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