Will Google or Microsoft buy OnLive?

Will Google or Microsoft look to buy OnLive's 'cloud gaming' technology?...

OnLive's cloud gaming technology was the talk of this years Games Developers Conference, with many games industry pundits finding it hard to believe such a server-based gaming system could work - technically or financially - in delivering high def gaming to the mass market.

Guy de Beer, CEO of Playcast Media - another new 'cloud gaming' tech that streams games via your TV set-top box - has responded to a number of recent criticisms of OnLive's offering - and he believes that the company is essentially looking to sell its proprietary tech to the likes of Google or Microsoft...

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Bnet3433488d ago

"Guy de Beer, CEO of Playcast Media"

lol no phucking way ....

SonyRulz3488d ago

OnLive on Live? That could be confusing to consumers. It might be easier for MS to just sue them over the name, and force them out of business. :o

s8anicslayer3488d ago

I can totaly see Google buying Onlive if it were to be sold, they are just dying to get their feet wet in the gaming industry

v1c1ous3488d ago

everyone knows onlive is the next-gen phantom.

the creator of onlive, however, is hoping somebody buys him out so he can have a ton of cash and leave whatever fool bought into this with the mess.

jack who3488d ago

its too good for its own good

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