DigitalSpy: Stormrise Review

When looking at Stormrise as a whole it's rather frustrating. While it is generally unplayable and harsh from the get go, the innovations and ideas behind it are all there, but just aren't applied in any functional way. While you can get some playability if you put the time in to learn it, it is an incredibly unfriendly game from start to finish. Although the lure of a full campaign, skirmish and (already vacant) online play awaits, the barrier to entry is simply just not worth it when there're so many other better examples on the market. While a patch or two can sort out a few niggles, on the whole this is a flawed concept. This storm will raise eyebrows, but not in a good way.

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JeffGUNZ3513d ago

2/5, I am surprised it even got that high.