PlayStation Home Xi update - 1 April

PS3-Sense writes: "And it's time for our daily section Xi PlayStation Home update. 'Today there is much updated. Jess has a sign that they may live, she has released a video, which again mysterious things to see. It has to do with the real world."

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Dom63903490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

at the end of the video there is a flash of info the latitude and longitude of the place she's in the the words "Viale Cassala", after a quick google search Viale Cassala is an area in Milan Italy that is very close to the MM2 Romolo Underground!! she just came out of the underground didn't she ??? if this has any significance I dont know yet but thought id let you know

Update : Just enter the latitude and longitude in to Google maps and it takes me to a place in Roma right next to a railway and a subway / Metro station called "Porta Maggiore" i'm not sure but it seems to fit in with the previous location. Google Street view provides best look at this and at the moment i'm trying to identify the exact place she is in the video.
I now know that there are many longitudes and latitudes in the video and they each show a billboard with a letter all the letters add together to make the code WOW taking this game to the next level