PS3: Pleased to meet you

Consider this: no previous console selling above the $400/£400 mark has ever been a success. So has Sony really dropped the ball? CVG take a look at the PS3's journey so far and assess its prospects for massmarket dominance.

Anyone who's seen a PS3 running on a beautiful HDTV will be in no doubt that it's an emotionally stirring and exciting piece of kit. But the road to retail was rocky to say the least. Delayed by over a year and with manufacturing costs spiralling ever upwards there's still considerable doubt consumers will buy into a games machine retailing for £425.

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DJ4256d ago

Spring Quarter implies April~June. They are late by about 5 months though (which is still pretty big).

calderra4256d ago

'Cept for Europe, of course.

OldSchoolGamer4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

The spin is everywhere, 78% of 50 stores have the machine, which if you walk into a local store in the US I have seen as many as 15 (locked away in a Best Buy case here in Chicago), but Sony spins that as good supply chain, not low demand. Even though the reason I have yet to pick one up is the high pricing point, and lack of killer app. that I MUST play now or I will feel left out, Sticking with my 360, and PS2 for the moment, and not regretting not having a PS3 for one second yet. So far, the article is on track, and with the release of some exclusives, the machine will sell well, maybe take the lead by 2009 (but almost everything would have to fall exactly sony's way for this to occur and some price drops would also need to occur).

Was interested in how pre-orders were going and this article seems to sum it up. I think its a very capable machine, yet the price tag for the limited game supply just does not justify its purpose at this time, but like the 360 this system has a killer lineup coming by end of 2008.

Only part of the article I saw as blatantly wrong was that this is the only system that does 1080p, as the 360 does 1080p as well and was introduced via firmware update when Splinter Cell: Double agent premiered.

*updated* Both systems do in fact upscale. If a games native resolution, or support resolutions are provided in 1080p then it is native 1080p, this should be listed as a resolution on the box. If it is not supported, yet your TV does support 1080p, you can force the system to upscale to 1080p in most cases. Yes, Says You the Xbox 360 does in fact have games that are native 1080p, so stop drinking the fan boy Kool-Aid.

Tut4256d ago

I am completely neutral in this matter but I have seen previous debates regarding the 1080p issue, and the argument is that SUPPOSEDLY (my attempt at remaining neutral in this) again, SUPPOSEDLY the PS3 is the only machine that does 1080p natively, while the Xbox 360 just upscales.

I personally don't think it is anything to get excited about unless it causes serious issues that take away from gameplay, as long as they both do 1080p. I don't know the facts about it though.

Again, don't shoot the messenger! I am just saying why they might have put that in the story. Past debates on people who do have an opinion regarding the facts of that matter, which isn't me.


Armyless4256d ago

Nobody ever factors inflation into the price of a console, and when done, some of the most successful consoles in 30 years of gaming history have cost at or near $600.

How much did you pay for your couch?

eclipsegryph4256d ago

$100 at a garage sale. Came with a free loveseat, too.

r10004256d ago

Armyless... your absolutely right.... people just see things for face values.... not thinking about what year we're in and how much things have changed say just in the last 5 years...

PS3n3604256d ago

i bet it came with a coupel lovestains as well for $100.

smitty4255d ago

IPODS are $350, the iphone will be $600. Heck, I paid $2500 for my TV when 8 years ago I paid $700.

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Says you4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

360 cant play games on 1080p lol there only thinking of the HD DVD
that only plays movies that can go 1080p and I'm not talking about
any peopl in this forum I'm talking about the ones that are in the comment forum of that web site.

TheMART4256d ago

Bull, the 360 can do 1080p native.

The PS3 has trouble with all scaling, that's sad actually

OldSchoolGamer4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

Unless the native resolution and textures are provided via the developer for 1080p. Both systems can upscale if a television is capable of the display in a non 1080p game. Says You: Yes through a firmware update the Xbox 360 can play games in native 1080p depending on the game, do a little research fanboy, stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Not sure if the PS3 has troubled scaling to 1080i anymore as it was reported from launch till recently. They may have released an update to fix that. Why is this such a problem you ask, since 1080p is better? Problem there was that only this and last gen of televisions provide support up to 1080p so the majority of high definition televisions purchased before last year and alot of them purchased last year only support up to 1080i. So games would get scaled down to 720p, or 480p (which is basically one screen pass at old standard definition versus interlacing at old standard definition.