21 Days Later: A fresh look at Capcom's zombie-infested Resident Evil 5

Globe and Mail's game columnist writes: "...As my colleague Scott Colbourne pointed out in his review of the game last month, the franchise's formula is showing its age. It's loaded with old-school play mechanics, some of which seem positively ancient compared to those of modern games, players must continually hump boxes and pots in an endless quest to find ammunition and treasure, we can't run and shoot at the same time, its quaint environmental puzzles are far from taxing, and inventory management is an unavoidable part of the experience.

But while many people (justifiably) complain about this stuff, I kind of love it.

I tend to think it's because I've been playing these games for ages. I was groomed to enjoy the tension inherent in stopping, pivoting, shooting, then turning and running to find a new safe place from which to fire off a few more rounds. I still get a little thrill each time I find a valuable gem hidden in the embers of a fire, or open a locker to reveal a box of ammunition for my favourite weapon (which, this time out, was the Jail Breaker). The puzzles, though certainly old-fashioned, are agreeably simple, ensuring that one never gets bogged down with brainteasers at the expense of action. And the inventory management is...well, okay, I could do without needing to decide whether to drop a green herb or some handgun bullets in order to make room for a few more magnum shells.

But the point is that, in the case of someone who has a long history with these idiosyncratic play mechanics, they don't necessarily feel like limitations...."

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