WoW's US April Fool Feature: Dance Battle System

We saw the EU team's World of Warcraft efforts earlier with the P1mp My Mount feature, now their US counterparts have revealed their annual joke.

Last year came the Bard, a new class that had a user interface similar to Guitar Hero, where players could attack others using "awesome chords" and such. This year, we have the Dance Battle system headed up by bad guy Kael'thas Sunstrider. Your "crew" will be able to have a dance-off against other crews, overseen by NPC dancemasters. A custom interface similar to the vehicle control provides players with a means to make the slickest moves to impress the judges.

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Leord3487d ago

Haha, that's so funny!

Bnet3433487d ago

I can't beleive people don't get tired of these retarded april fools jokes every year on ever site. It's like come on we had enough. There are some sites that did it last year and don't do it this year. Because they know this type of sh*t gets old. Probabaly the worst day of the entire year.

solidjun53487d ago

It does gets old. I think you can chalk it up to slow news day. After a while I don't feel like coming on for this day.

Maticus3487d ago

Haha, nice try. Doesn't seem as funny as the first few that came out. Remember the new Wisp class? That was brilliant IMO.

Leord3487d ago

It was a wisp RACE! =)

Dorjan3487d ago

World of Dance Dance Revolution!

Malfurion3487d ago

Disappointed really, but I guess it's because we all know it's a joke :)

Fyzzu3487d ago

I wish this were real :(

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