Why Resistance: Fall of Man is Better Than Resistance 2

Many Resistance: Fall of Man weren't too happy with Resistance 2 due to a handful of uneeded changes.

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Cajun Chicken3490d ago

Hopefully Insomniac have learnt to be original in the future. Don't join the crowd, everyone likes you for being different.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3490d ago

I liked the campaign and the atmosphere of the first resistance better. But the online for R2 was definately better. I also liked some of the new weapons and changes. Marksman is awesome. Alt fire for the rocket launcher was better in R2. the carbine shouldn't have changed. And though ppl complained about Parker's narrating deep down they missed her in R2

NIGHT_HAWK32103490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

i never played the first one but all i know is that R2 has some of the most fun multiplayer i have ever played. this game is like halo/cod (which is awesome). the marksman is the exact same as the battle rifle in halo and the overall game plays a lot like halo.

Cajun Chicken3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I'm personally more for wherever snow was, Chimera were, the weapon wheel, the unit based health bar and campaign co-op. If those were put in R2 would of been more or less a PERFECT sequel. Oh and more skirmishes with mines and some vehicle sections.

s8anicslayer3490d ago

I agree, both were good no complaints thus far

Nineball21123490d ago

I have to admit that I liked the SP story presentation better in RFOM, but I really like the MP and coop in R2 better

Doppy3490d ago

I completely agree with the first 4 reasons.

1. They should have keep the narrator if they weren't going to make the game very story driven (the first had the better story hands down). 2. The weapon wheel was awesome and it BETTER be in R3. 3. The co-op campaign needs to come back sine you're with Capelli most of the time anyway (R3 should have 4 player co-op campaign). 4. While R2 was completely playable it did have some problems, like enemies getting stuck and just sitting there. Plus the first game had more realism than R2 did (at least to me).

Now with that being said R2 had things that made it better than R1. 1. Competitive multiplayer. 2. Separate Co-op Campaign. 3. New enemies (I still think they should have kept all the old ones). 4. New weapons (again should have kept the old ones).

Both games feel different. R1 was something new, but they made R2 like everything else, and it wasn't and didn't need to be. Hopefully they can give a better balance between R1 and R2 when R3 comes out.

SaiyanFury3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I'm not a traditional fan of FPS games, but I have to say that the original Resistance is great fun. I did like the sequel, but I still prefer the original for a few of the reasons the article states.

1. 2P split-screen coop. It's one of the most classic gameplay concepts: sit on a couch with a friend right beside you and go and slug it out on the same screen. Two friends; same cause. And you can experience the gameplay together as it ramps up in intensity. Many Friday nights me and my brother in law sit on my couch and have gone through the original Resistance like 6 times. I love it every time and it never gets old.

2. The ability to play with any weapon you choose. I loved this feature in the original Resistance as it made the game feel similar to Ratchet & Clank as I could choose any weapon I wanted at any time. Not just the ones handed to me in the game.

3. Lack of narration. I liked the narration in the original game as you could watch humanity's struggle to overcome the overwhelming chimera. Just a personal note, it was just nice to have the narration to help move the story forward.

4. Lack of vehicle combat. I really enjoyed the Cheddar Gorge area where you motored around in the Jeep jumping off to engage the chimera and open the gates in the bunkers. Just something I enjoyed that R2 didn't have.

Resistance 2 is a great game by a great developer. It's just not *quite* as good as it could have been. It has amazing online coop gameplay, but I was really hoping for 2P splitscreen. That was the biggest disappointment.

Marceles3490d ago

I was just about to say what Nineball just said. ROFM's campaign was really good and it took me weeks to beat it, thats why I liked it. I was able to beat R2's campaign in a day on difficult. Honestly RFOM on normal was harder than R2 is on difficult, maybe even superhuman..I felt like they were shoving me through the campaign on R2 so I can hurry up to the multiplayer. Combine RFOM's campaign with R2's multiplayer and we would have the perfect FPS.

crck3490d ago

The single player was a big letdown in R2. Instead of keeping what was original about Resistance they tried to make it like every other shooter on the market.

No co-op in the campaign: Biggest letdown for me. I planned to play R2 with the friend I played R1 with. I was amazed they would strip this out.

No Parker: I don't give a damn what others say. I loved her voice over narration, much better then the same old hard to hear voice over radio crap they switched to. The same garbage we get with every other shooter on the market.

No weapon wheel: How the hell you gonna let us carry all the weapons in one game then strip us down to 2 in the next? Make it at least 4. Jeez.

No vehicles: Not sure what happened here...

Instant deaths: Why add all these instant deaths? No one likes instant deaths! Not sure how this got past the Q&A sessions.

stevenhiggster3490d ago

The first one is better. Graphics are the only area where the second one beats the first for me.

Now don't get me wrong I think R2 is a great game, but I probably won't ever play it again, whereas I have played through the campaign in R:FOM loads of times. I agree with pretty much everything this article says tbh.

Cryos3490d ago

I dislike pretty much EVERYTHING about R:2. The story is not as focused or as dire as FOM. The Graphics? Some of the colors seem completely off to me. Like I'm looking at the world through super-saturated glasses.

Where this game really loses it for me was the multiplayer.

Not only did I LOVE playing through FOM with someone that was sitting right next to me, the online competitive also was much more enjoyable. The boards are better, as well as the weapons and weapon spawn points. With FOM, I loved playing all the different competitive game-types. With R2, I can barely work up the strength to play team deathmatch (which I'm only doin for the trophy, which will apparently take me 100+ more hours. blah)

I also loved having friends over to play competitive offline as well. What happened to that? Seriously, I still pop in FOM, but hate trying to get all the trophies in R2.

andron3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

But I liked FOM a little better than R2.

They changed the atmosphere and some of the graphics are a bit off. Also some of the boss battles are a bit easy and disappointing. Mp is much improved in R2 though.

I actually felt that R2 might have been rushed at times. Hopefully Insomniac listens to these criticisms and makes R3 a killer game...

Cenobia3489d ago

I'm glad to see the weapon wheel go. I hate games where you collect weapons. For single player that's fine, but in multiplayer its just annoying (I only accept it in Warhawk because you can get to vehicles, although I honestly hope Warhawk 2 is class based).

Spawn, run for a good weapon, die, repeat. That's all RFOM multiplayer was for me. There is no fun in that. The class based systems are way better. And the differences between Chimera and Humans was just annoying.

I agree that the story in RFOM was better, but R2 is better in the multiplayer department by leaps and bounds.

rockleex3489d ago

Can't they just tell the story like in Ratchet and Clank?

I don't want the story to be told with ONLY narratives, and I don't want NO narration with a little storyline.

Just do it like Ratchet and Clank... or do it like Bioshock... or do it like Uncharted.

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SoapShoes3490d ago

It's the gamer's fault that they didn't end up enjoying R2. Insomniac only changed what was criticized and it was still original. Hello? Bosses? That's not common in FPS games.

I personally like R2 better than FOM. FOM was great and it had things that I liked better(weapon wheel and vehicles), but it was all cut up and sliced into sections. R2 was fluid and more action packed with touches of horror(dark train section anyone?). R2 was better aside from the more shallow story line. If R3 is like R2 but with better bosses and a deep storyline, it'll be the perfect balance.

LarVanian3490d ago

The action in both games was equal imo. The final fight at the top of the London tower in FOM was mindblowing.

In terms of horror, FOM has R2 beat in that area. The Northern Command level was a very creepy level. I got sorta paranoid because of the tight corridors with Chimera jumping out of nowhere.

SoapShoes3490d ago

I just didn't think the first was as good as far as pacing or action. I started out with the second and bought the first after I liked the second so much.

As far as which is better, I think they're equal in awesomness and I agree R2 kind of lost it's uniqueness, but R2 edges it out in most areas, imo.

stevenhiggster3490d ago

You'd maybe feel different if you had FOM first.

dragunrising3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

But its hard to say that Resistance II has any of the charm of its prequel. The campaign is one of my favorites of any FPS to date. It was epic, cohesive and atmospheric. The intel spread throughout the game and narration furthered the story. I could relate to Nathan Hale as he didn't talk (much) and the world "felt" like it was ending. I needed to save it! Granted the multiplayer is better in R2 (with awesome co-op to boot) but thats not the reason I bought the game as I wasn't ever a fan of the multiplayer. Good thing Resistance was 12-15 hours per play through and memorable. R2 ruined the story aspect of the first and made the apocalyptic world into a Saturday morning cartoon with bright and colorful environments. Nathan started talking and I lost any connection with his character. The characters were dumb, unmemorable and I wanted to kill them. Let alone I didn't know what the heck was going on from start to finish. The intel was sporadic, and didn't help fill in the holes I thought it would. The point of my rant is that Resistance was ruined for me as a franchise (until the 3rd?) because of the sequel. I am not saying Resistance 2 had no merits but the campaign made me regret getting the game. Perhaps my experiences and opinions are different from your own, but that makes them no less true. You can defend R2 or you can take off the "googles" and look at it from my perspective. Agree to disagree :-p I hope Resistance 3 surpasses R1 and R2 in every way.

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unrealgamer583490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

i mean where the hell we're the hailstorm and the reapers taken out? those gun's we're awesome! another thing that pissed me off was in the first resistance you were more of a solo man but in r2 you have a team (which suck's imo)

Panthers3490d ago

I am wondering about the damn Widowmakers. Those were the coolest enemy ever.

Rich16313490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

In my opinion the Resistance sucked hardcore but the sequel is one of my favorite PS3 games. The first was too damn long, boring, cheesy, the graphics/animations sucked, the 3rd person narrator was lame, the story was dull, I hated the controls/weapon wheel, etc. I thought it was terrible, so I disagree with this guy completely considering the things he finds good, I thought blew hard. Seriously, the first is trash compared to other shooters, but the sequel rivals Halo 3 and CoD 4 in my opinion. Insomniac improved upon everything, and it is a shame that this game disappointed in sales. I think it only around 1.5 million now, but I think Insomniac and Sony were hoping for Halo 3 and CoD 4 like numbers (5 million +).


thegreatone3490d ago

I think the first one was better too. The second one didn't even look that great. I liked the co-op especially in R1. Disappointing sequel. the 8 man co-op was that great. Felt just like button pressing.

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