GDC09: Paul Barnett and Jeff Skalski interview (part 3)


"What can we expect to see with the new Tomb Kings content?

Barnett: Crazy egyptians Warhammer style! It's like the Powerslave album cover by Iron Maiden has come to life in the Warhammer world. Tomb Kings are the dry undead, unlike the wet undead you get in the Empire like ghouls, zombies, and vampires. These are the dry undead, like mummies, skeletons, dusty bone giants, and liches. They're bringing their casket of souls and lots of sand with them. Players will see new developments on how PQs are done and an excellent system for how you get armor sets. We will have phenominal big dungeons in the same vein of Lost Vale (same team). End-level baddies like you wouldn't believe. They're doing things people haven't seen in these sort of games. Sequences where you go down corridors and encounter traps you will have to disable. You can then re-enable them to work against your enemies."

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