Ninja Blade 2 to be Announced on April 8th? "Microsoft India has let slip that on April 8th, they will make an announcement that will 'revitalize the gaming industry' here. We initially thought they'd try to mirror Sony's success with Hanuman: Boy Warrior (confounding gamers on a PS2 near you) - who's up for an Ace Combat-offshoot of Garuda: Sky Warrior for the 360? But slowly and slowly, realization dawned on us. Our recent experience with From Software's Ninja Blade for the 360 had us shaken and for good reason. In an ingenuous design move, the game has 90% support for the Guitar Hero controller, enabling us to rip this Quick Time Event-heavy title a new one in a massacre of beats and blood. Sources tell us Microsoft is set to repeat this unintentional new sub-genre of action and rhythm when it announces Ninja Blade 2 in 7 days."

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Nike3490d ago

'“You see,” said Tomonobu Itagaki, in that laid-back manner of the unemployed, “From Software is sitting on a gold mine here. By combining the tactics of Activision’s Guitar Hero and my very own Ninja Gaiden series, they’ve successfully created a franchise that intimately what is essentially hardcore Simon Says.” On questioning Itagaki about how he knows all this (and after informing him that he’s not getting the royalties from Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2), he began weeping. Audibly at first, then visibly. We tried comforting him but beat a hasty retreat after he began calling out for “Kasumi” and “Daddy’s little girl” in the same sentence.'


Sarcasm3490d ago

I'm gonna pre-order this right now.

The first one wasn't very AAA.

I'm sure they'll get it right with part 2.


Lotard33490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

'Smashing your instruments after a successful boss fight unlocks a new side-quest, “Buy all your sh*t again, you idiot” while completing the game without missing a single note on Insane difficulty unlocks the “WTF Are You On?” Achievement.'


IdleLeeSiuLung3490d ago

I really dislike these april fools jokes. I'm here for news, not a bunch of stupid jokes. Waste of my time.

locos853490d ago

*walks away to pre-order it*

J/K April Fools.

I might as well get into the act. I will not be fooled without payback.

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