(April Fools) Breaking: Nintendo Demos Hardcore Smash Bros. Wii

Note: Obviously Fake.

April 1, 2009 - On Wednesday afternoon in Kyoto, Japan, Nintendo Co. Ltd. allegedly held a private conference at the Rihga Royal Hotel, where company leaders spoke to third-party publishing partners about a new service in the works for Wii owners. Called 'Wii Expand,' the addition, which utilizes the recently-released Wii System Menu 4.0's new SD card compatibility, enables players to download game expansions, modifications and updates. Insiders who attended the exclusive event said that Wii Expand would launch globally later this year, but could not provide an exact date.

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jay23487d ago

STFU and enjoy April fools day you sad, boring people!

KionicWarlord2223487d ago

lol i tried posting this...its a tough crowd.

Pebz3487d ago

You know what makes this whole thing (people reporting this as fake and whatnot) even sadder? That these videos are actually more gaming news than most of the fanboy flame bait blogs that pass for news on this site.

dirthurts3486d ago

I get to see mario get decapitated! Total score.

STONEY43486d ago

I would buy a Wii just for this if it was real.

Quadrix3486d ago

So the April Fools Day joke was revealing something Wii owners want badly?