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Godmars2903580d ago

This one can't win for losing.

XxZxX3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

It's hard to believe anything in April 1st.

that's a big sign in IGN.[rumored]

even IGN is careful because of april fool.

Wizeguy213579d ago

Why must you release this information today! And make us doubt you!!! WHY!!!?

- Ghost of Sparta -3579d ago

Well I just saw the scans and this seems real. Even IGN has this information up on their website.

heroicjanitor3579d ago

I can't read enough japanese to tell... I wish I started learning last year

gaffyh3579d ago

Guys this story is TRUE, look at the scans, they would be pretty hard to fake.

pumpkinpunker3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

"Guys this story is TRUE, look at the scans, they would be pretty hard to fake."

new to the internets? This is an april fool's joke. I cannot believe how gullible people are. Poor, Sony fanboys, you guys get targeted again and again and again.

joemayo763579d ago

if its true: :D

if it's a dam April Fool's joke: >:[

gaffyh3579d ago

@Pumpkin - Maybe I am gullible and it is an April Fool's joke, but the scans are there. It looks completely plausible to me, and that's why I said it's true, not because I'm a Sony fanboy.

On the other hand it makes it so obvious that you are a xbox fanboy (like everyone didn't already know!) with that retarded comment.

MAiKU3579d ago

the scans could be fake.

I own CS4, and with the stuff it could do, this would be a piece of cake.

crck3579d ago

I'll bite and say this is real. Eternal Sonata was announced in Japan for Ps3 around this time last year. Remember, MS's magic checks are only good for a year.

SaiyanFury3579d ago

I knew Tales of Vesperia was coming, the same as Eternal Sonata also showed up after Namco denied rumours of a PS3 version. I'm glad I waited and didn't get the 360 version. This one'll no doubt have extra content and whatnot. Now if S-E would hurry up and release Star Ocean 4 on PS3, I'll be truly happy. :D

Giriath3579d ago

Great! I was thinking of getting it for my Xbox 360 now that it's going to be released here in Europe, but now I'll get the Playstation 3 version whenever it releases instead.

My console preference mainly comes down to that I've used my Playstation 3 more and thus know it better. I have spent a lot of time calibrating my image with it, but can't do that with my Digital Video Essentials Blu-ray on my Xbox 360 (and no one has the damn DVD for sale).

DaTruth3579d ago

They got an RPG to go multiplat!! All hail Sony. How will Microshaft answer to this.


pain777pas3579d ago

The scans look real. I must admit that the scans look real and I really would like to pick this game up for the PS3 even though honestly I could get it on the 360. I just don't want to use it as much anymore its way too fragile.

Microsoft Xbox 3603579d ago

OMG! It must suck to be a 360 fanboy in 2009.

KKanjiAnkh3579d ago

In an old issue of PLAY magazine, the producers talked about Vesperia coming to the PS3, hinting they just didn't know when. The also talk about how either Legendia, or Abyss wasn't well received, in NA, because of the story, and changes.

coolfool3579d ago

it has to be a joke.....

Who would call a guy Tos-R? You know what that sounds like right?

gaffyh3579d ago

@coolfool - do you mean ToSKoR? That is the name of a game the same character was previously in. Tales of S... (I don't know which on though)

jadenkorri3579d ago

this looks crediable, i bought Tales of Ves on 360, but never finsihed, so ill trade in to get Tales of ves for ps3....any news on ace combat 6...:)...

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The gaming GOD3580d ago

Then MAYBE I'll believe it.

Today, NOTHING should be taken seriously

MattyF3580d ago

It's True. 100% true. This is not an April Fool's joke.

solidjun53580d ago and on this day, I have to take every article/announcement/rumor with a some skepticism.

Montrealien3579d ago

I hope it`s true, this is a great Jrpg that should be enjoyed by all. If you have not had a chance to play it on the 360 or you only have a PS3, do not miss this great game.

SaiyanFury3579d ago

Does Japan celebrate April Fools Day?

SaiyanFury3579d ago

Someone disagreed with me over a simple question? I merely asked if Japan observes April Fools Day, something we have in North America that they may not observe overseas? Why did you disagree with me?

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Omega43580d ago

After seeing the 'so-called' scans i got a feeling this is for real

For one i dont think Japan do the whole April fools thing and two, how the hell can someone photoshop gameplay screens? That would be pretty hard to do without it looking overly obvious

I just thought they were making a new PS3 tales game rather than just porting the 360 one

solidjun53579d ago

...Suzaku from Code Geass.

ZeroBlitz3579d ago

Kinda looks like Lelouch & Suzaku's kid. ^^;

Seferoth753579d ago

You should see the Brawl X thing IGN did.. They actually have gameplay footage to go along with it. IMO IGN and Blizzard have some really good ones. Last years World of Guitar Craft was pretty funny.

beardpapa3579d ago

the new character isn't the Suzaku-lookalike, it's the kid with the pirate hat.

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ZeroYui3580d ago

I hope Tales of Vesperia comes to ps3.