New Scratch: The Ultimate DJ Screens

Genius Products and 7 Studios have released a set of new screens from their upcoming DJ title, Scratch: The Ultimate DJ.

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Leord3488d ago

Might just be me, but I'm not in love with the style.

thetamer3488d ago

This si the most stupid thing I've ever seen.

AndyA3488d ago

Sounds like it might give Activision's DJ Hero a run for its money.

Maticus3488d ago

I wonder if this actually teaches people how to be a DJ, might be worth a look, always fancied giving it a try :P

Fyzzu3488d ago

To put it as kindly as I can... I sincerely doubt it :p

Fyzzu3488d ago

I do kinda like the art style, but the game seems... well, ridiculous. Then again, it's got Mix Master Mike on board, and some of the artists listed are alright. And I probably thought Guitar Hero looked ridiculous originally. Sigh! I'm going to end up buying this :|

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