Gabe Newell to Lead Design on New Motion Controlled PC Release

Moments ago, Razer Inc. released details about a forthcoming release co-developed with Valve for their Razer Anaconda Game Controller. Razer Anaconda is a motion sensing and gesture recognition controller specifically designed for HellRazer: Triple Helix. The dedicated controller is able to capture true 1:1 movement making the motion sensitivity more intuitive. Razer Anaconda is designed and engineered from ground up to revolutionize and influence not only how games will be played, but how games will be designed.

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dragunrising3486d ago

This is one April Fool's joke that made me sad... :-(

JelalTrueshot3486d ago

LOL agreed, it kind of sounded cool. heh.

Erocal3486d ago

that would require Gabe to actually get up and move around... and we all know thats not possible. :)

Erocal3486d ago

try finding some more recent pics of him. While the guy is a genius, he definitely has some similarities to Jabba the Hut. See for yourself.


TheIneffableBob3486d ago

That is a recent pic. It was used in Razer's April Fools joke which was published today.

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xaviertooth3486d ago

that fat guy is a joke!

happy april fools joke! errr day!

Microsoft Xbox 3603486d ago

Hopefully this isn't an April Fools joke. This fat ass guy needs a little exercise once in a while.

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