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Lucreto3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

April fools from the PSblog?

I was hoping for at least a PSN version.

techie3947d ago

Not fools - we've known this was coming for ages. And I told you all it was for PSP again and again. Well deep is redeemed :)

Montrealien3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

If this isnt a april fools joke. This is cool, Naughty Dog for a PS3 version after?? Would be nice.

micro_invader3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

BIG EDIT: Ok, since I wasn't arsed to actually read the article I assumed it was a joke, but now that I have read it and seen the pictures I've completely changed my mind.

This does look very real indeed.

Masta_fro3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

this was all i was waiting for!!!!!

Now i can finally buy a PS2!!

(breathing heavily, crazy eyes)

xabmol3947d ago

You were waiting for this game to buy a PS2?!

*blank stare*

GVON3947d ago

I never played the older games (wasn't into Ps2) but was always impressed by what I'd seen,and after playing uncharted (My first ND game) I've been looking forward to seeing this on PS3,not sure I'd go out and buy it for Ps2/PsP,but if it gets a Psn release for PsP i'd probably pick it up.

SevWolf3947d ago

like GVON i havent played the previous games but I was always interested to play nad this would be great, but I really hope this isnt a joke, because I mean all these jokes today are starting to piss me off, just like the psp 2 news , which I still have hope, eventhough little hope, that it isnt a prank

micro_invader3947d ago

Edited my first post because I was too lazy to read the article. :P

Anyway, looks great. Just wish they announce a Jak game for the ps3 :(

The Matrix3947d ago

Seriously guys, anyone on this website who thinks this is actually REAL should be banned from this site.

Naughty dog makes Jack & Daxter. Naughty Dog is working on Uncharted 2 which will release later this year. Naughty dog is not going to to release another game to a TRILOGY on a dead console. And it defintely wouln't be released on the PSP as well.

Come on people.

techie3947d ago

Lol it's real Matrix. Resistance is made by Insomniac, but the PSP version was outsourced. When Naughty Dog do Jak, they'll be making it for PS3, but for now the PSP game is outsourced.

This story was sent as an official press release. It's official.

Saigon3947d ago

I hope it at least comes to PSN.

SaiyanFury3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Hey rock on I'd love a new Jak installment. High Impact did a great job on Secret Agent Clank so I'm curious to see how they do with another established series like Jak & Daxter. I hope they have what it takes to fill Naughty Dog's shoes in this series, although Naughty Dog has already said that a PS3 J&D game is coming sometime after Uncharted 2.

Palodios3947d ago

Its a pretty good attempt, but the graphics are wayyy too blocky. Definitely fake, the graphics of games aren't supposed to get worse. Seriously, compare the last jak game on the ps2 with this one, not even close.

PS3istheshit3947d ago

theyll finally focus less on graphics and make a great game into an awesome game
i dont think any jak and daxter is worse or better than the other
all of them are long and story is great and characters are believable
Jak and Daxter is the best series in gaming ever made
but Mario is just on another epic level

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user94220773947d ago

God, Sony.

At least release the dam game on the PS3.

Enough with the PS2 already.

solidjun53947d ago

I know, but I think this is a joke. ^_^

Godmars2903947d ago

People would be complaining about Sony not supporting the PS2.

Probably because it is a PSP game is why its going to the PS2. Probably just a port.

Freak of Nature3947d ago

I agree with you 100%...

I have waited and waited for news on this game,along with Team Icos next game for what seems like ages,and to be honest I am unhappy that a series with this potential will not be getting all it could get.A PS3 version is what I wanted...

@Godmars290...You are probably right.I hope you are not,and this is just a Aprils fools joke...

Unbiased13947d ago

This is PSP game, keep that in mind. And later on or at the same time it will be released on PS2, just like Motorstorm PSP. So you have it people all wrong, this IS PSP game, don't forget that.

Cajun Chicken3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

This is cruel. I don't know if this is real or not, happy, but sad it's not on PS3...if it IS real.


I don't know. I'm really confused by this, no idea how to feel, don't even know if this is real.

But yeah, these games are becoming sparse and this should be a largely valued franchise for Sony.

I am going to be so mad with Sony if they are messing about. This has completely shocked me, and it actually seems reasonable as if it COULD be real. But still, HIGs aren't that bad.

Freak of Nature3947d ago

Cajun Chicken.....

We seem to have already lost Sly Cooper this gen,unless they announce something after Infamous.Now Jak? At least we still have Ratchet.But where oh where are my quirky action/adventure platfomers?

More platformers please,less generic grungy 1st person shooters...

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resistance1003947d ago

I will be amazed if this is an April Fools Joke considering the name has been trademarked for years.

solidjun53947d ago

I didn't know that. Funny if it comes true.

xabmol3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

But you know what I hate more? People who don't read. xP

"Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier releases this Autumn, and just in case you were wondering, this isn’t an April Fools."

Cheeseknight283947d ago

Pretty ironic statement considering the last post of yours that I responded to.

Regardless, just because they say it isn't an April Fool's doesn't mean that they are telling the truth. As much as I love Jak, I'm hoping for April Fool's because we need a PS3 Jak now.