Burger King Games on Sale at BK's Website

If you missed out on the Burger King videogame trio -- Big Bumpin', Pocket Bike Racer, Sneak King -- and thought your chance was gone for good? Fear not, gamers, as Burger King understands your plight, and has put the games up for sale on their website.

Nestled in between the nutritional information and a store locater is where you'll find the games for sale. You can by each one for $3.99 a piece, or all of them for $10.99 -- a savings of...less than a dollar. Here's the catch: shipping costs are completely outrageous, costing $11.50, regardless of whether you're buying a single game or the trio. Avoiding a 2,000+ calorie meal to pick these games up might be worth it. Or not. You never know.

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Chagy4630d ago (Edited 4630d ago )

the worst games ever made

silent ninja4630d ago

who the hell buys these games