Tales of Grace Wii confirmed , First Scan

Title says it all.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

This scan also confirms that the highest rated JRPG on 360 (Tales of Vesperia) is coming to PS3 this year.

DNAgent3487d ago

But I still won't play it. It may be the highest rated RPG on 360 but that's really not saying much. I would've rather had the Wii's Tales of game than the 360 because Vesperia was one of the worst Tales of games ever. Until they make an exclusive Tales of game for PS3 I won't even bother playing games made by them (which honestly isn't that hard since their games aren't really good to begin with).

Hiruma Youchi3487d ago

theres like 3games of tales coming on the wii thats hawt.


Sorry. Im done with X360 now. I'll get a Ps3 in the following weeks.

I've been deceived. My favorite game on X360 is going on PS3. Vesperia is what always kept my spirit going. now its going on ps3 like Eternal sonata did .

thats too much for me to bare. and PS3 get 3 new NamcoXbandai game.

Sorry to deceive any of the people I supported for this long here on N4G.

All my fellow X360 friends , I shall still back you guys but it wont be as fun now.

Eric Fremond

- Ghost of Sparta -3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Welcome to the Dark Side.

Get at me. < LMAO!

On a more serious note, Eternal Sonata came to PS3 with exclusive characters, better graphics, and other things I don't remember. Superior version of ToV confirmed.

Who's losing all of their exclusives now?

Obama3487d ago

Glad you have seen the dark. I have no doubt that the ps3 will be getting more jrpg love like suikoden 6 and tales games.

DNAgent3487d ago

Tales of Vesperia for PS3 confirmed. Looks like the 360 lost another exclusive.

However, I don't play hand-me-downs with a few pointless extras tucked in (Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is an exception as it's a remake not a port). I can't wait to see the sales though so I can laugh when they've hit an all time low. Maybe then Namco Bandai will realize that people won't take ports of mediocre games. Until they make a PS3 exclusive Tales of game they'll just be ignored.