New Update Introduces Key Enhancements to PS3

Sony has revealed details surrounding the PlayStation 3's upcoming firmware 1.6 system update, which is scheduled to go live on March 22, the day prior to the console's debut in both Europe and PAL territories.

The update, which will have to be downloaded from the console's PlayStation Network, will introduce a number of key enhancements to the PlayStation 3, not least of which will be background downloading, a feature demonstrated by Sony executive Phil Harrison during his recent GDC keynote. But, as a report by consumer website IGN points out, there will be some limitations to this feature, the details of which are not expected to be made available until the update's release.

The firmware update will also introduce additional PSP connectivity features to the PlayStation 3, allowing users the ability to access their PlayStation 3 console remotely using the PSP over Wi-Fi hotspots, rather than having to be physically connected to the console.

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D R Fz4623d ago

if anything, commitment to their consoles makes me a loyal fan of Sony. Even if i love my 360 and the gaming experience it provides, the ps3 is still just so amazing.

kingboy4623d ago

i`m still to get mine on friday and i`m very excited updating lol!

overrated4623d ago

Friday cannot get here sooner.

Funky Town_TX4623d ago

the scaler thing. 720p/1080i support for all games. Now I need Killzone PS3 (E3-05 version)

Torch4623d ago

Oh, how I wish!

I'm one of those dudes with an older HD box. Natively, it can do either 540p or 1080i. Therefore, other than a handful existing games, I'm stuck with lowly 480p.

But from what I remember reading, it's supposed to a little more complicated to do the 1080i thing.

r10004623d ago

I thought I read in another article the the PSP connectivity to the PS3 was still going to be limited to your home?

will it REALLY be accessible from any wireless hot spot?

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The story is too old to be commented.