Champions Online: Villains Screenshots

Cryptic has released two new screenshots of its upcoming MMO Champions Online, which show robot minions, villains and sorcerers.

Minions can be sent from a player's nemesis to attack them throughout the game, but group members can aid a player in the battle. Also seen in the screen shots is a sorcerer attacking a player along with some henchmen. In the other shot, a laser beam is seen being emitted from a villain's chest, one of the features in Cryptic's super hero MMO.

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Maticus3491d ago

Hopefully the beta will be announced soon, all this media is making me itchy.

Leord3491d ago

Yes, looking forward to the beta.

Cogo3491d ago

It's very hard to tell if they are good ideas or not before we're actually playing it.

Malfurion3491d ago

All this news and now the guild invites thing, it can't be far off.

Have patience :)

thetamer3491d ago


Leord3491d ago

Will there be an open or closed beta btw?

AndyA3491d ago

Digging the art style. Can't wait for this.

Malfurion3491d ago

Yeah the style of this is very unique. I expect big things from this game.

Cogo3491d ago

This is the main thing for me. Love teh art. I'll give it a go when the beta starts.

Leord3491d ago

It's quite refreshing. Must be a huge market for superhero MMO's to cover all three games though =)

Maticus3491d ago

I know exactly how I want my hero to be, just gotta get in the game and see how he plays.

Hurry up please Cryptic!

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