Star Trek and Rock Band giving away 500 songs each day

MTV Games and Harmonix's Rock Band are joining forces with Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment to celebrate the May 8th theatrical release of the film STAR TREK from director/producer J.J. Abrams. The first-of-its-kind collaboration will fuse together the massive cultural followings of both STAR TREK and the video game phenomenon Rock Band to engage fans with free music, an in-game battle of the bands, and futuristic avatar creation contest.

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Lucreto3486d ago

If you like Rock Band you would not be the type of person who watches Star Trek.

ChampIDC3486d ago

That's a mighty big assumtpion you're making there. I'm sure there's plenty that like both.

Tony P3482d ago

Eh, could be some common ground? I like sci-fi and play guitar... Although not a big fan of the guitar games...