Critical Reception: Guitar Hero: Metallica

This week's edition of Critical Reception examines online reaction to Guitar Hero: Metallica, a band-specific entry in Activision's music game franchise that reviews describe as "a great experience that Metallica fans should run out and get." Guitar Hero: Metallica currently earns a score of 87 out of 100 at

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II Necroplasm II3489d ago

Best Guitar Hero yet.

it's really amazing!

koehler833489d ago

I picked it up on monday and I LOVE it. I'm a huge Metallica fan and one of 'those' guys that Yahtzee refers to in his GH3 review. I'm the guy that plays alone..

It certainly can't break into the ultra-casual/party-game market that loves Rock Band. But for anyone who plays GH3 on expert, this is the BEST music game ever created. The focus is on the music and the gameplay, where it should be, not on intricate finger animations of characters you're not even looking at while playing.

So much fun, but it'll give ya blisters.

thornh3489d ago

...the best GH since GHII. I really do hope there will be at least some DLC for this game. I can't believe they couldn't get the rights to "Ride the Lightning" and "Blackened" back from MTV. These two songs are needed in this game. Plus at least let us import "Trapped Under Ice" from GH:WT! It would be great to get another 10 or so Metallica tracks, especially from "Garage, Inc." I really want "Astronomy", "Whiskey in a Jar" and "Breadfan". The "Merciful Fate" medley is one of the best tracks in the game. Hoepfully it will sell well and justify some DLC.