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Gamer Limit writes: "Killzone 2, Crysis, Empire Total War, Gran Turismo 4 prologue. What all of these games have in common is spectacular graphics, created through years of hard work by programmers and artists working in sync. Things like real time lighting, bloom effects, and texture mapping all make a game look more impressive, but how far can graphics go and how much do they really mean in a game?

I thought of these questions because I have recently been playing games on my laptop that my previous computer from about five years ago was unable to run, this includes Half Life 2 and Rome Total War. I never buy a top of the range computer, I simply can't bring myself to buy something so expensive that depreciates in value so quickly, my laptop has a graphics card that I consider mid range, and it's the first dedicated card I've ever had."

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syvergy3492d ago

Very interesting comparisons!

Aquanox3492d ago

Too bad he never touched an Xbox 360. Gears of War 1 was the biggest step ahead of this generation in terms of graphics.

IcarusOne3492d ago

To not mention Gears or RE5 makes me question this guy's motives/objectivity. Then to compare KZ2 and Half-Life 2? KZ ain't the genie in the bottle, but it's certainly got a couple legs up on a game from 6 years ago. And the caption under L4D - so bad it's unplayable, makes him want to vomit - is retarded. It's the same engine that you just said is comparable to KZ! Inconsistent much?

Andrew Wiggin3492d ago

Very interesting. I have similar doubts.

AcesAndEights3492d ago

Great read, wonder what the big advance of graphics we'll see next will be?

xabmol3492d ago

And this, fellow N4Gers, is what I call the "Exponential Problem."

Imagine, if you will, a chart showing time across the width and technology along the height. Now picture a curve traveling to the right increasing at x2 eventually that curve will reach an exponential point. We are drawing ever closer to that point, and as we do so we face a choice. Do we use the technology we have now or wait 5 minutes to have technology twice as powerful? If you are willing to wait 5 minutes, why not 10 minutes for technology 4x as powerful? Furthermore, if you are willing to wait 10, why not 30 minutes, a day, a month, a year?

PotNoodle3492d ago

Gran turismo 4 prologue? Don't they mean 5?

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