First in-game screens of Koei's Wii-exclusive RPG

These are the first ever in-game screens of Opoona, Koei's "unique" Wii-exclusive title unveiled last week.

With Koei disclosing very little info in its initial announcement, there has been much speculation as to what type of game Opoona will be, but these shots reveal what looks like a typical cel-shaded RPG affair.

It's got all the components - exploration, talking and what look like your ordinary turn-based, stat-heavy battle scenes.

Opoona, the dude with the orange orb hovering above his head, appears to travel with two friends, who assist him during battles.

So, nothing out of the ordinary then. But Koei promises some unique puzzle-based action that "utilize the unique mechanics of the Wii Remote", so we'll be keeping an eye on this one.

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Karebear4622d ago

Those graphics don't even look like they are up to God of War II's level, let alone a next gen console. I've not seen the DS but I wonder if it has better graphics than this even! I know the PSP would.

I'll never get the fascination with the Wii. Maybe if your lucky the Wiimissle will break your TV before you see too much of this game. Oh right, that was supposed to be a rumor too. :)

eclipsegryph4622d ago

You do realize what "graphics style" means, don't you? In that game creators tailor their games graphics to fit with the overall style of their game?

Those graphics look absolutely fine, if not better than the cel-shading in Wind Waker. In fact, these particular graphics immediately reminded me of Eternal Sonata for the 360.

It all depends on preference, but I can't understand people who immediately claim that a game looks bad because it is not attempting to be realistic.

PS360WII4622d ago

If I can play thru Enchated Arms and like it I can play thru this as well. RPG's are my bread and butter. The DS is quickly becoming the RPG console so why not get some more out on Wii as well.

4622d ago
Odiah4622d ago

Are Koei usually good for RPGs?

Karebear4622d ago

Things like Mario Paper and such are great and very creative. I'm fine with nonrealistic graphics. The problem I have with these screenshots are the terrible textures and low low polygon counts. You can make things incredibly fanciful and still not have round objects that you can clearly see the boxiness too.

Up the polygon count, up the texture resolution, add in some antialiasing, and then it would be something. I've seen the Wii do much better than this.