PS3 Price Cut Still a Possibility?

Tomsguide: Yesterday Sony made waves with the announcement that the company was lowering the price of the PS2 to just $99.99. While this was better than nothing, the consumer was a little disappointed that rumors about a drop for the PS3 didn't come to fruition.

ZoomToday the Wall Street Journal reports that there still could be price cuts for the PlayStation 3, especially now that the PS2 has seen a price drop. Citing analysts who claim Sony is still likely to cut the price of the PS3, the WSJ reports that Sony needs to lower its PS3 prices for a number of reasons, one of which being the surge in sales that Microsoft saw following the price reduction for the Xbox 360.

However, while analysts are saying it's likely we'll see a cut, we're not so sure.

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Shadow Flare3576d ago

My personal view on this was that i thought the original plan was that sony wasn't going to cut the price until they at least broke even. Which will happen very soon. So maybe they will announce a price cut at e3. There's no reason for sony to panic. What other system at its price point could sell like the ps3 does? Neogeo: flop. If 360 were ps3's price and ps3 was 360's price, 360 would have died a long, long time ago. Its just easier for microsoft to make the 360 cheaper because it has components made out of sawdust

dorron3576d ago

I feel Sony should drop the price ASAP if they don't want MS to go over the 10 million units above milestone...