Retro Reunion: Shining Force II

Gamer Limit writes:
"Forget Fire Emblem and Advance Wars, Shining Force is where it's at. Shining Force II, one of the first strategy RPGs, was released in 1994 by SEGA. Mind you this was before SEGA went down the crapper. Way before. Shining Force was a good game, hell it was a great game, but somehow Shining Force II took all that, and doubled it. It's superior in almost every way, thus the reason it's one of our all time favourite games."

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AcesAndEights3581d ago

Wow, that takes me back, that game is a classic.

SaiyanFury3581d ago

Agreed, 100%. Truly a classic of all time. I still play the game on my computer and PSP through the wonder of emulators. I have the actual cartridge but setting up my Genesis on my already overcrowded home theatre isn't very convenient. Although my ongoing love affair with Master Monk Karna is a personal matter...

syvergy3581d ago

Man, I loved to love this game in the day.

Austin_SJ3581d ago

might have to get the emu for it

Andrew Wiggin3581d ago

Such a fantastic game, I need to go back and give it another spin.

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