IncGamers: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review [PS3]

IncGamers takes a look at GRIN's third person action title and finds that it's a little more than your average movie tie-in.

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Leord3485d ago

Wow, that is a good score for a game I have never heard of =)

Fyzzu3485d ago

Sounds quite good actually. Shame about the boss battles, though :/

thetamer3485d ago

This was either going to be good or fail so terribly. Movie tie-in games never work. i'll have to play this myself before i make up my mind.

Malfurion3485d ago

Nice brainless shooter, looks good :)

DelbertGrady3485d ago

Other than the fact that it lasts around 3 hours, has no replay value at all once you've finished it and is repetitive as h3ll, the game is perfect.