Sony Taunts PS3 Customers with PS2 Price Cut

PSP World vents its frustrations in an editorial about how Sony refuses to listen to consumer and developer demands to make the PlayStation 3 more affordable.

Excerpt: "Sony has dropped the price of its aging PS2 home console to $99, eliciting yawns and sighs of frustration across the internet... Why then, has Sony insisted on lowering the price of its 9-year old Playstation 2? Will the reduction (by $30 in the United States), make much a difference at retail? Have potential consumers really been sitting on the fence waiting for the price to drop below one hundred dollars?"

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ravinash3491d ago

While I'm not very excited my self that the PS2 is getting a price drop, the PS2 is still selling very well in relation to the other consoles.
yes its old tech, but if you can squeeze every last drop out of it then why not.

ironmonkey3491d ago

well the ps2 has the biggest game install base and for 99$ i will be happy to buy it again since i gave my other fat ps2 away, it will sit nicely with the rest of my classic consoles:)