TVG: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood First Look

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood's setting of the American Civil War isn't particularly common for videogames. Perhaps the odd RTS game has focused on the period previously, but FPS titles set in the time of Abe Lincoln aren't exactly two-a-penny. There are a few other Spaghetti Western mimicking shooters (e.g. Red Dead Revolver and Gun, which are set a couple of decades after Bound in Blood) but they represent a niche gaming genre at best, which is perhaps a touch surprising when you consider how perfectly the gun-slinging action of a Western should fit the shooter game mould.

Or at least it should, but it hasn't in practice - neither Red Dead, Gun, nor the original Call of Juarez managed to pop their heads above the 70s on Metacritic, which is something that developer Techland will no doubt want to change with this prequel to its 2006 original. Bound in Blood takes one of the main characters from the first game, the Reverend Ray, and exposes the protagonist's prior events to reveal exactly how this gun-wielding badass became a man of the cloth.

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