Oblivion Xbox 360 Downloadable Content on sale; Horse Pack Armor doubles in price [April 1]

Bethesda Softworks is celebrating April Fools' Day and the 3 year anniversary of the first Elder Scrolls: Oblivion downloadable content: the Horse Armor. Instead of the usual 200 Microsoft Points ($2.50), which stirred up some controversy for DLC pricing, the Horse Armor will 400 Microsoft Points ($5).

Here's what Bethesda Softworks had to say on it:
"In celebration of the arrival of April, the wackiness of April Fool's Day, and the upcoming 3rd anniversary of the release of Horse Armor (Friday, April 3), we are pleased to announce that for the next week all Oblivion DLC for Xbox 360 is half price, except for Horse Armor, which is twice as much as usual. So if you've been waiting for just the right moment to get The Vile Lair, or Knights of the Nine, or Shivering Isles, now is the time."

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Anon19743584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Sure I haven't finished the Shivering Isles yet - but I will one day and when I do it'll be over. And I'll be sad.

Due to hardware issues on my 360 I passed on the 360 version of Fallout 3, but I certainly wish they would bring the DLC to the PS3. I know they aren't planning on it, but they're just just missing out on a potential 1 million extra customers. Crazy, if you ask me.

I think I'll pass on the Horse Armor again. :)

Darrius Cole3584d ago

I really want the Wizard's Tower.

Pootie Tang3584d ago

Shivering Isles if def worth it for 1200 points, i bought it @2400 and it has a much more interesting storyline than the main story.

Cherchez La Ghost3584d ago

Pootie Tang?!! One of the stupidest-funniest movies ever!! Bubble for you just because of your Avatar!! LOL!!

Pootie Tang3584d ago

See, my damie, Pootie Tang don't wa-da-tah to the shama cow... 'cause thats a cama cama leepa-chaiii, dig?


I loved oblivion, the only thing left for me to is to finish the magic guild missions then I am gonna murder every person in every village.