OnLive games service 'will work'

The founder of online streaming games firm OnLive has defended the technology underpinning the service after accusations it was unworkable.

Steve Perlman said critics had not even used the system.

OnLive turns games into video data sent across the net to a hardware add-on, or software plug-in, which decompresses the data back into video.

The firm says a revolutionary video compression algorithm and custom silicon makes it possible.

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KionicWarlord2223486d ago

well hes said it ,guess we all got to belive him...1..2..3...nahhhh! :)

Saigon3486d ago

what do you expect him to say...the only thing i want to know right now is how does onLive differ from PS Cloud...I can smell a lot of lawsuits...

Qdog3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

I'd be interested to see how it goes, but there are some pretty bold claims surrounding it's projected sales and performance.

ThanatosDMC3486d ago

I'll be damned if gamers get charged for the service then they jack it up full of ads. If they keep it free like Steam, then i have no qualms with them.

locos853486d ago

I don't want it. I don't want to rely on their servers for me to be able to play games. I rather just pop in a disc and go. I also enjoy going to the store and going through the games isle to search for my next purchase. Sometimes I find surprises and great deals.

meepmoopmeep3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

true, what happens if your ISP is down or whatever

and i just don't see how people with bandwidth caps will want to get this service

phosphor1123486d ago

It just wont be reliable and will cost them millions of dollars to run. What kind of cooling system would they need? A giant freezer atlest. Lots of people would be like Hey lets try out this awesome looking game, Crysis. And you know what? The server will melt and blow up. It's not the data transfers that could be the biggest problem, just the actual data rendering..can the server keep up with the internet? Especially with that many users.

Pennywise3486d ago

Bad enough playing online off a disc with lag. Imagine running around and the buffering message pops up...

I would throw the box through a wall.

bob saget remix3486d ago

Hes just joking it wont work.

talltony3486d ago

the technology will work but im not too sure if it will be enough to satisfy pc graphic heads because of all the loss of quality when the games are heavily compressed over the internet.

blodulv3486d ago

that thing looks terrible imo

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The story is too old to be commented.