iPGN: Vans SK8 first look

The iPhone has been crying out for a good Skate game, and with Activision's Tony Hawk series a no show so far, it looked like a long wait. Well the wait for such a game is now over, because Fuel Games' 'Vans SK8: Pool Service' has hit the AppStore for $4.99.

SK8 lets you choose from two of Vans top skaters, Buck Lasek and Omar Hassan. You'll compete in 10 events increasing in difficulty where you can perform up to 13 varied tricks as well as one trick which is unique to both Buck and Omar. Unlockables include 20 different boards, 10 sets of wheels and 30 achievements and if you compete pro mode the you can view real video of both riders in action. As well as full 3D graphics the game features a customisable sountrack.

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