TGR: Fallout 3 The Pitt DLC Review

Earlier last week Bethesda Softworks promised us a new direction for Fallout 3 with the release of their latest piece of DLC, titled The Pitt. Unfortunately it ran into many problems which seemed to curtail the gameplay experience at every turn; mapping errors, texture problems, and innocent looking doors which seemed to lead to the same empty zone in which Gordon Freeman was imprisoned by the G-Man all those years ago. He must be subletting. Anyway, The Pitt's flaws seem to have been corrected, so now it's time to talk about just how The Pitt measures up post patch.

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SirLarr5582d ago

Been meaning to get this, buying it now.


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Dudeson753d ago

Damn, I feel stupid when years ago I played all the dlc for fallout 3 except the pitt. My younger ass looked at it and thought it was boring without trying I believe... Well good reason to fire up the old dusty ps3!

PhillyDillyDee753d ago

Bethesda usually does great DLC. Makes sense they are on the list 3 times.

generic-user-name753d ago

Solid list, I'd add inFamous: Festival of Blood, although it was a standalone download, it still felt like an inFamous 2 expansion.

Blood and Wine might be the best ever though.

SullysCigar753d ago

I'd also add in Horizon The Frozen Wilds. As I started it, I wasn't sure I had the energy, but my God that was awesome. Some of the best weapons, enemies and missions in Horizon for sure.

752d ago
RaidenBlack752d ago

Blood and Wine is always the reason these "best DLC of all time" list gets made in the first place nowadays.
Don't think CDPR can come any where near with any upcoming CP2077 DLC.

Silly Mammo753d ago

I have beaten Bloodborne but though i have the DLC I never played through it. For now I want to wait and see if it gets a Bluepoint remake.

anast753d ago

It's the best DLC in the genre. You are missing out.

SarwarRon753d ago

I double that. If you've liked Bloodborne, don't miss out The Old Hunters.

752d ago
MadLad752d ago

I skipped on Demons Souls remake, but Bloodborne would be day one. I love the game, but it is very, very jaggy and really needs a 60fps edition.

anast753d ago

I didn't like Blood and Wine too much, but the grandmaster gear is worth it.

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RondoMachete3591d ago

I never thought of it like that.. Fallout 3 is still my best game ever,so wanting Fallout 4.

Omnisonne3591d ago

Personally I learned alot from Fallout, especially New Vegas' DLC

There are alot of hidden teachings and different perspectives in those games