iPGN: Symbol6 Review

Is Symbol6 another of the thousands of "Unique Puzzle Games" or does it truly stand out from the crowd?

The game board is a big hexagon, with 6 hexagonal tiles. Each of the tiles is a different color with an associated symbol (especially useful if you are color blind). When the game starts a different tile will float in from the edge of the screen toward one of your existing tiles. Your job then is to replace the tile it is heading toward with the tile that matches it. If you have time you can even toss the tile in the direction of the moving tile to speed things up. As you move on the tiles move faster and come more often making it more difficult. Also every now and then a red bomb tile will head toward your hexagon. To thwart it you need to tilt your phone and let it hit the spikes. Each time a tile does not match you lose life. When you run out of life your game is over.

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