PS3 - Did it deliver on it's promise?

BrutalGamer have the first in a series of articles asking if we got what we were promised by our console makers? In the first of the series of articles we ask if Sony delivered on their promise with the PS3 or did they just use smoke and mirrors to bamboozle our wallets? Has the system lived up to it's hype? Did we really need those extra Ethernet ports? Read the full story and then join the discussions.

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ultimolu3489d ago

What promise?

The PS3 did what was supposed to do-provide a multimedia experience with a growing library of games and new consumers by the day. Sony may screwed up at launch but they're doing a lot better with the PS3 now.

Blackcanary3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

promise ?

But what i do know is that they are doing a hell of a good job to reach there goal and target and meet there promise. Reach that dream that they had for the PS3.
They still have a long way to go but I'm happy for Sony.
I'm happy that they've made it through all the bad press and even though there is still a lot more to go through. I'm happy that every year so fare they've been able to make there big long term picture that they have for the PS3 clearer every year.

Antan3489d ago

Ridiculous question..........Come back in........4 years or so.

moosehound3489d ago

Why is that a stupid question my friend? Sony made a promise of sorts to bring out machine X if the delivered machine Y instead with 80% of X in it then it's important to think about what could of been and is it relevant at all? Did you read the article? That article basically asks and then answers that question.

Thanks for the input.


Antan3489d ago

My bad. I saw the headline and jumped to the (wrong) conclusion that the article was primarily game related. Ive read the article now ;). Interesting points you bring up. In an ideal world the specs Sony first announced back yonder would of materialised, but market conditions, price of components etc etc will of obviously of forced Sony to rethink. I think they did the right thing, rather than keep everything in which would of no doubt bumped the price up even higher.

bobdog6263489d ago

With Killzone and Uncharted i would say yes but when they first came out i would have said no.

jcpiebald3489d ago

It promised what all gaming consoles

And I'm having lots of fun.

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